The Hidden Costs of Applying for USPS: Unveiling the $89 Fee


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I’ve seen numerous cases of online scams that have left people penniless and heartbroken. Unfortunately, postal service applicants have become the latest target of fraudulent schemes that deceive the innocent and stash their hard-earned money into someone else’s pocket. The USPS job application process appears straightforward, and thousands of people apply every year hoping for a chance to work for the government. However, what many people don’t know is that the application process carries hidden costs. In this post, I’m going to unveil the $89 fee that you have to pay when applying for a job with USPS. Trust me, it’s not worth the money, and the hidden costs may shock you.

Why do you have to pay $89 to apply for USPS?

It’s important to clear up any confusion around the process of applying for a job with USPS. To put it simply: USPS does not charge an application fee to anyone looking to gain employment or take an exam with the postal service. Beware of unofficial websites that claim to offer assistance in the application process or require a fee to guarantee an interview. Here are a few bullet points to keep in mind:

  • USPS will never charge an application fee for job seekers
  • Any website claiming to be able to assist with USPS job applications may be unofficial and should be approached with caution
  • It’s best to stick to the official USPS website and their designated hiring processes to ensure your application is handled properly
  • Bottom line: Anyone looking to apply for a job with USPS should never have to pay a fee for the opportunity. Stay vigilant and only use official resources to apply for any job opportunities with the postal service.

    ???? Pro Tips:

    1. Verify the authenticity of the source of the requirement before paying any fees. Some scammers pose as government agencies to steal money from unsuspecting individuals.
    2. Take time to research the actual cost of the application fee. Government agencies typically limit fees to nominal amounts such as a couple of dollars.
    3. Check for possible alternatives to the specified application process. For example, some postal services allow online application forms, which require only minimal payment fees or none at all.
    4. Report any suspicious activities related to the application process and fees to relevant agencies. This may help prevent similar scams from happening to others.
    5. Be cautious when applying for services, and never provide personal or financial information to unverified sources.

    Introduction: USPS Application Fee Hoax

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a well-known and trusted entity within America, responsible for delivering letters and packages across the country. As a result, USPS is a popular employer, with many individuals seeking job opportunities within the organization. Unfortunately, scammers have taken advantage of this interest and have created fraudulent websites that require payment to complete a USPS job application. In this article, we will debunk this hoax and provide insight on how to safely seek employment with USPS.

    USPS Job Application Process

    Applying for a job with USPS is straightforward and can be completed by following these steps:

    • Visit the USPS jobs website at
    • Select “Search jobs” and select the job you wish to apply for
    • Click “Apply” and complete the online application
    • If you meet the job requirements, you will be contacted to take the Postal Service Exam
    • If you pass the exam, you will be invited for an interview and background check

    Understanding the Postal Service Exam

    The Postal Service Exam is a requirement for most USPS jobs and is designed to assess an applicant’s aptitude in areas such as address checking, memory, and coding. The exam is multiple-choice and is conducted in person at a testing center. It is important to note that a passing score on the exam does not guarantee a job offer.

    The Truth About USPS Application Fees

    Contrary to scam websites claiming to be able to assist with USPS job applications, USPS does not charge a fee to apply for employment or to take the Postal Service Exam. It is important to only apply for USPS jobs through the official USPS website to avoid falling prey to these scams.

    Beware of Scam Websites Claiming to Assist with USPS Job Applications

    Fraudulent websites can be difficult to distinguish from official USPS websites. Some red flags to watch for when looking for employment opportunities include:

    • Requiring a fee for a job application or interview
    • Giving a guarantee of a job offer
    • Requesting personal information not relevant to a job application
    • Making promises of high salaries or benefits that seem too good to be true

    It is important to do research on a website before submitting any personal or financial information, including looking for reviews or complaints about the site online.

    Staying Safe from Fraudulent USPS Interview Fees

    Scammers may also request payment for an interview or background check. It is important to note that USPS does not charge a fee for an interview or background check. Any requests for payment should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission or the USPS Office of the Inspector General.

    Conclusion: Don’t Fall for USPS Job Application Scams

    In conclusion, the USPS does not require a fee to apply for a job or take the Postal Service Exam. Scammers have created fraudulent websites that take advantage of individuals seeking employment with USPS. It is important to only apply for USPS jobs through the official USPS website and to watch for red flags when searching for job opportunities. By following these guidelines and staying vigilant, individuals can apply for USPS jobs safely and securely.