Who Really Owns Archer Software? Unveiling the Surprising Truth


I pride myself on uncovering the truth behind tech companies and their operations. But, I have to admit, even I was shocked by what I discovered about Archer Software. The idea of a faceless corporation pulling the strings is enough to give anyone the creeps, but what if I told you that the truth is even more unsettling? Brace yourself as I delve into the disturbing details and unveil who really owns Archer Software.

Who owns archer software?

Archer Software has a complex ownership history, but currently the company is owned by a joint venture between two private equity firms: STG and Clearlake. Here is a breakdown of the ownership history:

  • STG purchased Archer in 2020: In February 2020, STG purchased RSA Security LLC from Dell Technologies. RSA owned Archer Software at the time, so STG became the owner of Archer as well.
  • Clearlake joined forces with STG in 2021: In May 2021, Clearlake announced that it had formed a joint venture with STG to create Archer as a separate business unit. As part of the deal, Clearlake also acquired a stake in Archer.
  • Previous ownership: Archer’s ownership has changed several times over the years. RSA acquired Archer in 2010, and EMC Corporation acquired RSA later that year. Dell then acquired EMC in 2016, including RSA and Archer.

    Despite the changes in ownership, Archer has continued to provide innovative software solutions for its clients in areas such as cyber security, data management, and compliance.

  • ???? Pro Tips:

    1. Research the company before using their software: Before you begin using archer software, do your research on the company that owns the software. Check out their website, read reviews, and look for any red flags that might indicate a lack of reliability or trustworthiness.

    2. Check the terms of service: Make sure you read and understand the terms of service before using archer software. This will help you understand what data the company collects and how it is used, as well as your rights as a user.

    3. Consider open-source alternatives: If you are concerned about who owns archer software and want a more transparent solution, consider using an open-source alternative. There are many open-source tools available that offer similar functionality and are maintained by a community of developers rather than a single company.

    4. Use strong authentication: Whether you are using archer software or any other tool, it is important to use strong authentication to protect your data. Enable two-factor authentication wherever possible, and use strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts.

    5. Keep your software up-to-date: Whether archer software belongs to a reputable company or not, it is important to keep your software up-to-date to maintain security. Make sure you are regularly installing updates and patches to fix any security vulnerabilities that may be present in the software.

    Who Owns Archer Software?

    Archer software is a well-known platform that helps organizations manage risk and compliance. But who owns the software and how did it come to be? Let us explore the history of Archer Software’s ownership.

    The Initial Purchase of RSA Security LLC by STG

    In 2020, STG (Silver Lake Technology Management) purchased RSA Security LLC, a company that focuses on providing cybersecurity solutions. RSA Security LLC, known for its SecurID system, has been in the industry for more than 30 years. The acquisition was worth $2.08 billion and included Archer Software as part of the purchase.

    STG is a private equity firm that focuses on investing in technology-related companies. They have more than $19 billion in capital under management, and its experience in managing enterprise software companies makes it an ideal partner for RSA Security LLC.

    Acquisition of Archer Software by STG

    Archer software is a leading provider of risk management solutions that help companies assess, track, and manage risks associated with their operations. Its software helps companies automate risk management processes, enabling them to identify and mitigate risks more efficiently.

    STG recognized the value of Archer Software in the RSA Security LLC acquisition and saw the potential for the platform to become a more prominent player in the industry. The acquisition of Archer Software by STG was strategic, given the increasing demand for risk management solutions in businesses today.

    Clearlake and STG Collaboration

    By 2021, STG joined forces with Clearlake, another technology-focused private equity firm. The two firms saw a good opportunity for Archer Software to become a standalone business and decided to collaborate on its development. Together, they aimed to accelerate the growth and development of Archer Software as a leader in risk management solutions.

    The Rise of Archer Software

    After the acquisition, Archer Software continued to expand its capabilities while maintaining its commitment to risk and compliance management. Its software platform has become more sophisticated, seamless and user-friendly, providing a comprehensive suite of risk management tools that businesses can use to manage their security risks.

    Archer Software has established itself as a market leader in risk management solutions. Its software has been recognized by several industry analysts and received accolades from industry awards. Its customer base has grown significantly, with prominent names in various industries relying on its platform for compliance and risk management.

    Archer Software as a Separate Business

    After merging their expertise, STG and Clearlake decided to launch Archer Software as a standalone business, separating it from RSA Security LLC. Archer’s focus on providing risk management solutions sets it apart from the other businesses under STG and Clearlake banners. The new structure allows Archer Software to focus on its unique business model and continue to grow autonomously.

    The ongoing co-ownership of Archer Software

    STG and Clearlake continued to co-own Archer Software, with both companies bringing their expertise and experience to the partnership. They aim to continue to expand the platform’s capabilities and infrastructure, with a growing focus on advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

    Archer’s ability to adapt to new technologies makes it an ideal solution for companies looking to improve their risk and compliance management systems. This partnership between STG and Clearlake shows their commitment to continuing to develop Archer as a leading platform in the risk management industry.

    Future plans for Archer Software expansion

    As businesses become more reliant on technology, their exposure to risk also increases. Archer Software’s platform, with its extensive risk management tools, is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for security solutions.

    STG and Clearlake are committed to helping Archer Software expand its reach by increasing sales and marketing efforts and adding more features to its platform. They are also exploring potential acquisitions to help Archer Software expand its product offerings and customer base.

    In conclusion, Archer Software has come a long way since being acquired by STG in 2020. Its growth and success can be attributed to the strong collaboration and vision between STG and Clearlake. The co-ownership of Archer Software and their strategic acquisition of the RSA Security LLC demonstrate the companies’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge risk management solutions in the industry. As technology continues to evolve, Archer Software is well-positioned to continue its growth and become a prominent player in the field.