Where does Deloitte stand in cyber security rankings?


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I’m often asked a wide range of questions. But one query I get asked most frequently is, where does Deloitte stand in the cyber security rankings? And to be honest, it’s a question that I find quite intriguing myself.

Deloitte is well known as one of the world’s largest professional services firms, providing everything from accounting to consulting services to businesses all over the world. But when it comes to cybersecurity, where do they really stand?

In this article, we’ll dive deep into Deloitte’s cyber security practices and explore some of the reasons why they might be one of the top contenders in the industry. From their approach to threat intelligence to their use of cutting-edge technology, we’ll look at what really sets Deloitte apart from its competitors.

So, if you’re curious about where Deloitte falls on the cyber security rankings and what makes them a force to be reckoned with in the industry, keep reading.

Where does Deloitte rank in cyber security?

Deloitte has maintained its position as the top security consulting service provider for the 11th consecutive time according to the GartnerĀ® market share analysis. This recognition reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to providing clients with cutting-edge and innovative security consulting services. Below are some reasons why Deloitte ranks number one in cybersecurity:

  • Comprehensive services: Deloitte offers a wide range of cybersecurity services that cover areas such as risk management, identity and access management, threat and vulnerability management, cybersecurity operations, and technology enablement. The company has a comprehensive and integrated approach to cybersecurity, which includes a combination of people, process, and technology.
  • Experienced professionals: Deloitte’s team consists of seasoned and experienced cybersecurity professionals with expertise in various industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, and technology. The team boasts of over 5,000 cybersecurity experts worldwide with certifications in various cybersecurity fields.
  • Innovation: Deloitte is known for leveraging technology and innovation to provide innovative solutions to cybersecurity challenges. The company invests heavily in research and development to ensure they stay ahead of emerging threats and trends.
  • Collaborative approach: Deloitte collaborates with clients to fully understand their business needs and provide tailor-made solutions that address their unique cybersecurity challenges. The company uses a co-creation approach that fosters teamwork between clients, Deloitte professionals, and other third-party vendors.

    Overall, Deloitte’s commitment to providing comprehensive cybersecurity services, combined with experienced professionals, innovative solutions, and a collaborative approach has earned them the top spot in the security consulting services market in terms of market share and revenue.

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    1. Conduct research: Before relying on any rank, it is essential to conduct independent research to assess Deloitte’s credibility as a cyber security service provider.

    2. Look for customer reviews: Feedback from previous customers and industry experts can provide insights into Deloitte’s effectiveness in cyber security.

    3. Consider their portfolio: Reviewing Deloitte’s portfolio and the types of cyber security services they offer can give a better understanding of their expertise.

    4. Check their certifications: Deloitte’s certifications in cyber security can serve as a good indicator of their proficiency in the field.

    5. Compare them with industry rivals: Comparing Deloitte with other reputable cyber security firms can offer a benchmark for their rank and overall reputation.

    Where does Deloitte rank in Cyber Security?

    Deloitte’s dominance in security consulting

    Deloitte is one of the world’s leading professional services firms, providing a range of services across various industries. One of their most significant offerings is their security consulting services. They work with clients to help them protect their business assets and information through advanced cyber security solutions that safeguard their operations, data, and reputation. With clients ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations, Deloitte has established itself as a leader in the field of cyber security consulting.

    Years of consecutive no. one ranking

    Deloitte’s commitment to excellence has led to its consistent ranking at the top of the industry. For 11 years in a row, from 2012 to 2022, Deloitte has been named the number one ranked security consulting provider in terms of market share and revenue, according to Gartner’s market share analysis for Security Consulting Services Globally. This accomplishment is a testament to the firm’s continuous dedication to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions for their clients.

    Gartner’s analysis of Deloitte’s market share

    Gartner, a leading research and advisory company, conducts annual market share analysis of security consulting services. In their 2021 report, Deloitte was ranked number one in the world with a 9.5% market share. The report highlights Deloitte’s strength in providing a comprehensive suite of security services ranging from cyber risk assessments to operational device hardening. This comprehensive approach to security consulting has helped Deloitte achieve a singular focus on holistic vulnerability management, enabling significant growth in their market share.

    The global reach of Deloitte’s security consulting services

    Deloitte’s global network of highly trained professionals provides security consulting services to clients in over 150 countries. With a strong team of security experts based in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions, Deloitte’s security consulting services are available to clients across the globe 24/7. With a vast network of resources, Deloitte is able to provide clients with enhanced intelligence gathering, analysis, and response capabilities that are unparalleled in the industry.

    How Deloitte stays ahead in the cyber security industry

    Deloitte is committed to delivering security solutions that meet their clients’ specific needs by employing advanced technologies and techniques. They leverage new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline the delivery of their services and to identify and respond to security incidents faster. Additionally, they partner with leading software and hardware vendors to provide clients with cutting-edge, customized cyber security solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements.

    Deloitte’s approach to tackling cybersecurity challenges

    Deloitte’s approach to managing cyber security threats is based on a continuous risk management model. This model involves continuous assessment of vulnerabilities and threat levels and working in partnership with clients to develop customized mitigation strategies that address identified risks across the entire security landscape. Deloitte’s in-depth analyses allow for rapid identification and response to cyber threats, minimizing the possibility of significant harm to clients.

    Deloitte’s risk management model includes:

    • Comprehensive risk assessments
    • Threat intelligence and analysis
    • Continuous security monitoring and analysis
    • DevSecOps integration
    • Identifying and closing compliance gaps

    Client satisfaction and Deloitte’s success in cyber security consulting

    Deloitte’s commitment to delivering excellent customer service is reflected in their significant success in client satisfaction. According to Gartner, 99% of Deloitte’s clients recommend their services to others. This high level of satisfaction is due to Deloitte’s focus on building and maintaining long-term relationships with their clients. By understanding each client’s unique security challenges, Deloitte is able to provide customized solutions that deliver tangible business results.

    In conclusion, Deloitte is a world leader in cyber security consulting services, a fact that has been recognized consistently by market share reports of numerous reputable firms like Gartner. They have achieved sustained growth and global reach as a result of their innovative and personalized approach to cyber security consulting, and their track record of driving customer value and satisfaction.