What is the #1 IT Firm in Japan? Industry Expert Reveals Latest Rankings!


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I’ve been in the cyber security field for years, and I’ve seen a lot of companies come and go. So when I was given the latest ranking for IT firms in Japan, I couldn’t wait to dive in and see who’s on top. The truth is, when it comes to cyber security, there’s no room for error. That’s why the rankings in Japan are so important – they help us determine which companies are doing it right and which ones need to up their game. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at who is currently leading the pack in Japan’s IT industry. Buckle up, because the results might surprise you!

What is the number 1 it company in Japan?

The number one IT company in Japan is Fujitsu, a technology giant that has been in existence since 1935. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, Fujitsu is the most prestigious supplier of technology for information and communication in Japan, providing a wide range of services, products, and solutions to businesses and organizations across industries. Here are some of Fujitsu’s key offerings:

  • Hardware: Fujitsu supplies an extensive range of IT hardware, including servers, storage systems, personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Software: The company offers a range of software products and solutions, including operating systems, middleware, and application software.
  • Cloud Services: Fujitsu’s cloud solutions are designed to help businesses and organizations improve their operations through improved data management, storage, and security.
  • Consulting: Fujitsu can help businesses and organizations with IT strategy development, implementation, and management.
  • Security: Fujitsu is a leader in cyber security solutions, providing advanced threat detection and combat capabilities to protect business-critical data and systems.

    Overall, Fujitsu’s breadth of offerings and reputation for quality and innovation make it the number one IT company in Japan.

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    1. Do Your Research: Utilize various online and offline resources to gather information and identify the leading IT companies in Japan.

    2. Check Their Customer Base: Determine the customer base of several IT companies and compare it with their respective services to gauge their popularity and success.

    3. Analyze Their Services: Evaluate the range of services offered by different IT companies in Japan to make an informed decision.

    4. Check Their Track Record: Go through the history and track record of the IT companies to assess their growth and establish how long they have been operating in the market.

    5. Read Reviews and Feedback: Read through feedback and reviews from customers who have experienced the services of different IT companies in Japan to get an idea of their performance and reputation.

    Introduction: Fujitsu

  • the Tech Giant of Japan
  • Hailing from Japan, Fujitsu is known as one of the leading technology companies in the world providing advanced products, solutions and services to its clients across various sectors. The company has a rich legacy, deep expertise, and a wide-ranging product portfolio. Fujitsu has been a key technology supplier to Japanese companies and has expanded globally, making a name for itself in the global market.

    With its unwavering focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, Fujitsu has emerged as an industry leader and a preferred brand for businesses across the world. In this article, we will delve deeper into Fujitsu’s profile, its history, services, products, solutions, international presence, and corporate social responsibility.


  • A Brief History and Legacy
  • Fujitsu has a long and distinguished history dating back to 1935. Originally known as “Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing,” the company started as a joint venture between Fuji Electric and Germany’s Siemens AG. Its first product was a telecommunication device designed to work in Japan’s difficult mountainous terrain. Later on, the company diversified its product range, developing mainframe computers and other IT products.

    In the following decades, Fujitsu continued to expand and innovate. It developed personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices, among others. In 1967, it introduced the IBM System/360-compatible mainframe, which was the first in Japan. In recent years, Fujitsu has focused on developing advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and blockchain.

    Services Offered by Fujitsu: A Comprehensive Overview

    Fujitsu offers a wide range of services to its clients across the world. Some of its key offerings include:

  • IT Managed Services: Fujitsu’s Managed IT Services provide end-to-end management of IT infrastructure, including cloud computing, data centres, networks, and security systems.
  • Application Development and Maintenance: Fujitsu helps clients develop, deploy, and maintain business applications, ranging from legacy systems to modern cloud-based applications.
  • Digital Workplace Services: Fujitsu provides a comprehensive suite of workplace services, such as remote working support, virtual meeting solutions, and collaboration tools.
  • Infrastructure Services: Fujitsu offers infrastructure services such as data centre design, implementation, and management, as well as network design and implementation services.

    Fujitsu Products: An Overview of the Range of Offerings

    Fujitsu has developed a diverse range of products, ranging from business notebooks to servers and mainframes. Some of its flagship products include:

  • LIFEBOOK Notebooks and Tablets: Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK notebooks and tablets are ideal for businesses, with models that cater to a wide range of requirements, from lightweight and compact to powerful and high-performance.
  • ESPRIMO Desktops: Fujitsu’s ESPRIMO desktops provide a range of configurations, making it possible to find the right desktop for different businesses, from small offices to large enterprises.
  • PRIMERGY Servers: Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY servers are reliable and high-performance, designed to cater to a wide range of applications, from virtualisation to big data and cloud computing.
  • ETERNUS Storage: Fujitsu’s ETERNUS storage solutions cater to a wide range of business needs, including high-speed, high-capacity storage for large volumes of data.

    Solutions Offered by Fujitsu: A Deep Dive into the Areas of Expertise

    Fujitsu’s expertise extends to a wide range of areas, catering to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Here are some of its core solutions:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Fujitsu has been at the forefront of developing AI technologies and solutions that can help businesses in different sectors, such as financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. Its AI solutions are designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall client experience.
  • Cyber Security: Fujitsu is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, from threat intelligence to vulnerability management and penetration testing. Its solutions help businesses protect their data and infrastructure from cyber threats.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Fujitsu’s IoT solutions help businesses collect, process, and store data generated by connected devices and sensors. Its solutions cater to a wide range of industry sectors, such as manufacturing, transportation, and energy.

    Fujitsu in the Global Market: A Look at International Presence

    Fujitsu has a global presence, with offices and clients across the world. The company has a strong presence in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. It also has research and development centres and manufacturing facilities in different parts of the world.

    Fujitsu’s international presence has helped the company gain access to new markets and expand its customer base. The company has also been involved in several research collaborations and joint ventures with global partners, helping it build cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions.

    Fujitsu’s Contribution to Japanese Society: Corporate Social Responsibility

    Fujitsu has a long-standing commitment to social responsibility, with a focus on sustainability and community development. It has implemented several initiatives in this regard, such as reducing carbon emissions, promoting diversity and inclusion, and supporting disaster relief efforts.

    The company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility has earned it several awards and recognition, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and the RobecoSAM Gold Class award.

    Conclusion: The Unmatched Dominance of Fujitsu in the IT Industry

    Fujitsu’s long and illustrious history, deep expertise, and diverse solutions have helped it stay ahead of the curve in the IT industry. The company has expanded its presence globally and continues to innovate, developing cutting-edge technologies such as AI, quantum computing, and blockchain.

    Fujitsu’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainable practices further strengthens its position as a leading tech giant. With its wide range of services, products, and solutions, Fujitsu remains unmatched in the IT industry, providing unmatched value to its clients across the world.