Secure Your Business: What Companies Use Akamai?


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I’ve seen countless businesses suffer from cyber attacks that could have been prevented with the right measures in place. That’s why I’m here to tell you about Akamai – a company that provides world-class security services to businesses of all sizes. But you might be wondering, what companies actually use Akamai? Well, you’d be surprised. From Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, Akamai has become a go-to choice for companies in a wide range of industries. Keep reading to learn more about some of the top companies that use Akamai to keep their businesses and customers secure.

What companies use Akamai?

Akamai, a leading content delivery network and cloud service provider, has a wide range of clients from various industries. Here are some notable companies that use Akamai for their web delivery, cloud computing, and cloud security needs:

  • Defenx – High-tech company Defenx collaborates with Akamai to provide secure web delivery, cloud computing, and cloud security solutions.
  • British Council – The British Council uses Akamai for content delivery to ensure that its users can access international education and cultural opportunities efficiently and reliably.
  • Grupo Xcaret – Grupo Xcaret relies on Akamai to help enhance the delivery speed, security, and reliability of their website and online booking system for their popular eco-parks and resorts in Mexico.
  • Aareal Bank – Aareal Bank depends on Akamai to deliver high-quality online banking and financial services in a fast and secure manner.
  • Haufe Group – The Haufe Group is a leading publishing and software company that uses Akamai to deliver their digital content, including book and software updates, to customers worldwide.
  • ROSE Bikes – ROSE Bikes, a German manufacturer, and retailer of bicycles, uses Akamai to ensure that their e-commerce website delivers a fast and secure shopping experience to customers all over the world.
  • City of Los Angeles – The City of Los Angeles has partnered with Akamai to enhance the performance and security of its official website, providing citizens with access to services and information.
  • Unified Streaming – Unified Streaming, a provider of streaming video technologies, leverages the Akamai CDN to deliver their innovative video solutions to a global customer base.
  • These companies, among many others, have turned to Akamai to improve their web delivery, cloud computing, and cloud security capabilities, highlighting the versatility and value of Akamai’s services across industries.

    ???? Pro Tips:

    1. Do your research: Before signing up with Akamai, make sure to do your own research to determine if their services fit your company’s needs.

    2. Check for customer reviews and feedback: Look for customer reviews and feedback online to see how satisfied other businesses have been with Akamai’s services.

    3. Consider the size of your company: Akamai’s services may be more beneficial for larger companies with a global reach, so if your company is a small or medium-sized business, evaluate if their costs are justified.

    4. Look at Akamai’s competitors: Don’t stop your research with Akamai alone. Look at their competitors to make sure you’re making an informed decision.

    5. Consult with an expert: If you’re still unsure or have additional questions, consult with a cybersecurity expert to determine if Akamai is the right fit for your company.

    What Companies Use Akamai?

    Defenx: Partnering with Akamai for Web Delivery, Cloud Computing and Cloud Security

    Defenx is a high-tech company that specializes in cybersecurity and protection against cyber threats. To ensure the web delivery, cloud computing, and cloud security of its clients, Defenx collaborates with Akamai, a leading content delivery network (CDN) and cloud services provider.

    Through this partnership, Defenx provides its clients with an extra layer of cybersecurity measures. Akamai helps Defenx in detecting and mitigating cyber threats as well as enhancing the speed of its web delivery by caching its client’s content across servers, which enables faster access times and prevents downtime.

    British Council: How the Organization Collaborates with Akamai to Ensure Web Security

    The British Council is an international organization working towards cultural relations and educational opportunities across the world. To ensure the web security of its global operations, the organization collaborates with Akamai.

    Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Platform helps in protecting the British Council’s web properties against DDoS attacks, website defacements, and data breach attempts. The platform provides real-time threat intelligence, proactive mitigation, and site shielding capability, with a focus on user privacy and data protection.

    Akamai’s partnership with the British Council ensures that the organization’s web properties operate smoothly while providing high levels of cybersecurity measures, even during periods of sustained threats and attacks.

    Grupo Xcaret and Akamai Partnership: Securing Cloud Computing and Delivery

    Grupo Xcaret is a leading eco-adventure and cultural theme park company located in Mexico. To ensure the security of its cloud computing and delivery operations, Grupo Xcaret partnered with Akamai.

    Akamai helps in mitigating DDoS attacks, securing web applications, and speeding up content delivery, ensuring that online customers and visitors enjoy a seamless and secure digital experience. Grupo Xcaret’s collaboration with Akamai provides the company with a reliable and secure cloud infrastructure, with high protection built-in for its customers’ data and privacy.

    Grupo Xcaret’s partnership with Akamai ensures that its digital operations are secure, fast, and efficient, enabling the company to provide an excellent user experience for their online customers.

    Aareal Bank and Akamai: Strengthening Cybersecurity Measures for Web and Cloud

    Aareal Bank is a leading real estate financier and provider of services to the property sector worldwide. To strengthen its cybersecurity measures for its web and cloud operations, Aareal Bank teamed up with Akamai.

    Akamai’s cloud-based security solutions, including its Kona Site Defender and Bot Manager, help Aareal Bank protect its websites and applications, detect threats from bots and minimize the risk caused by web attacks. Additionally, Akamai provides Aareal Bank with a fast and secure cloud infrastructure, enabling the company to safely manage sensitive client data.

    Aareal Bank’s partnership with Akamai reinforces the bank’s online presence and provides seamless digital banking services to its customers with confidence, knowing that their data and privacy are protected against online threats.

    Haufe Group: Why the German Software Company Chooses Akamai for Web Security

    The Haufe Group is a software company headquartered in Germany that provides solutions for human resources (HR), finance, and tax. To secure its web operations, the company partner with Akamai, ensuring its customers can access services without delay or disruption.

    Akamai’s Kona Site Defender helps the Haufe Group detect and mitigate website security threats, while its CDN services ensure fast and reliable delivery of Haufe’s online services worldwide. By partnering with Akamai, the Haufe Group can deliver its products and services with confidence, knowing that its clients’ data and experiences are protected and secure.

    Akamai’s partnership with the Haufe Group helps to solidify the company’s standing as a reliable provider of software solutions, while delivering a superb user experience for its clients.

    ROSE Bikes: Collaborating with Akamai for Secure Web Delivery and Cloud Computing

    ROSE Bikes is a leading global manufacturer and retailer of bicycles and related products. To ensure its secure web delivery and cloud computing operations, ROSE Bikes collaborates with Akamai.

    Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Platform helps ROSE Bikes safeguard its websites against security threats like DDoS attacks and data breaches, while also providing a fast and efficient user experience. With Akamai’s CDN services, ROSE Bikes can quickly and reliably deliver its content and products to customers worldwide.

    ROSE Bikes partnership with Akamai provides an environment that realises the company’s digital strategy through the delivery of fast, reliable, and secure digital services.

    City of Los Angeles and Akamai: Ensuring Web Security for a Digital Municipality

    The City of Los Angeles is a hub for technological progress and digital transformation in the United States. To ensure its digital operations remain secure, the city partners with Akamai.

    Akamai’s cloud-based security solutions help safeguard the city’s web infrastructure by blocking cyber attacks and ensuring the protection of sensitive data. Additionally, Akamai’s CDN services ensure that the city’s digital services are fast, reliable and available for residents, visitors, and businesses alike.

    Akamai’s partnership with the City of Los Angeles ensures its digital infrastructure remains secure as it forges ahead with its digital transformation agenda.

    Unified Streaming and Akamai Partnership: Delivering High-Quality, Secure Streaming Content

    Unified Streaming is a leading provider of cross-platform video streaming solutions. To ensure its streaming services remain secure, the company has partnered with Akamai.

    Akamai’s CDN services help deliver high-quality streaming content safely and reliably, without any latency or disruption. Additionally, Akamai’s cloud-based security solutions protect UDP-based video streams from cyber threats, providing an added layer of security to Unified Streaming’s services.

    Unified Streaming’s partnership with Akamai enables it to deliver its video streaming solutions with seamless user experience and security, providing a foundation for high-quality streaming services in the global market.


    As seen from the above companies, Akamai provides cybersecurity, cloud computing, and web delivery solutions for businesses across various industries. By partnering with Akamai, businesses can secure their online operations and provide their customers with a fast, reliable, and secure digital experience.