What are the risks of prioritizing security too much?


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I have seen countless businesses, governments, and organizations put an over-emphasis on security measures. It makes sense, right? If you’re not secure, your sensitive data, financials, and even reputation could be at risk. But what happens when you prioritize security too much? What are the hidden risks that come with it? I’m here to reveal the truth and share some hard-learned lessons on the matter. Get ready, because you might be surprised at what you’ll read next.

What are the disadvantages of security?

Security, in general, has its own drawbacks, and security guards are no exception. While security guards are essential for maintaining safety and security, they also have a few disadvantages.

  • Expensive cost:
  • One of the main drawbacks of security is the cost. Employing a security guard firm is pricey, and it can be challenging to justify the cost. Security guards have to be paid a salary, benefits, and other expenses, such as transportation and training.

  • Require supervision and training:
  • Security guards need proper supervision and training to perform their responsibilities efficiently. It would be best if you provided security guards with specialized training to understand their roles and responsibilities better. Due to the constant change in technology and new emerging threats, training security guards can be difficult and cost-intensive.

  • Human errors:
  • Security guards, like humans, are prone to errors. While they can provide an essential security presence, their mistakes, such as falling asleep on the job, can lead to disastrous consequences. Security guards must endure long hours, leading to fatigue and reduced efficiency.

  • Technology is replacing their roles:
  • Recent advancements in technology have made it possible to replace some of the tasks that security guards perform. For instance, security cameras, video analytics, and access control systems can now do the work of monitoring individuals and detecting threats. This means that some companies are opting to use technology in favor of physical security guards.

    In conclusion, Security guards have advantages in providing safety and security, but there are also disadvantages that come with it. The cost of employing a security guard firm, supervision and training requirements, human error, and advancement in technology are a few things to consider before deciding on security measures.

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    1. Over-reliance on security measures can create a false sense of safety, leading individuals to drop their guard and become more vulnerable to risks.

    2. Implementing excessive or unnecessary security measures can result in financial strain for businesses, especially smaller ones with limited resources.

    3. Security measures that aren’t regularly updated or maintained can become outdated and ineffective, leading to security breaches and threats.

    4. In some cases, strict security measures may create inconvenience for individuals or lead to privacy concerns, which can cause resentment or resistance.

    5. An over-focus on security may detract from other important aspects of a business or organization, such as customer service, innovation, or productivity.

    The Disadvantages of Security Guards: The Costly Reality of Protection

    Security guards are often the first line of defense when it comes to protecting people and property. They are entrusted to deter, detect and report suspicious activities and respond swiftly in case of security breaches. However, as critical as their roles are, security guards come with their own disadvantages.

    Financial burden of security guards

    Hiring security guards does not come cheap. For instance, in the United States, the cost of employing an unarmed security officer ranged from $15 to $25 per hour in 2020. The cost could increase by over 30% for an armed security guard. This cost does not include any equipment, like cameras or access control systems, that may be necessary for a comprehensive security plan.

    As a result, companies, institutions, and individuals, need to decide whether the cost of security guards is worth the potential benefits to their business or personal safety.

    Cost of employing a security guard firm

    Hiring security guards usually involves engaging a security guard firm. The cost of employing a security guard firm is higher than hiring an individual since it includes fees for administrative personnel, salaries for the security guards, and possibly insurance.

    Additionally, security guard firms have legal and licensing requirements that vary based on the state. To comply with these requirements and maintain its certification, a security guard firm will need to invest in compliance-related expenses such as training, background checks, and licensure costs.

    Therefore, hiring a security guard firm could become a significant financial burden for business or individuals.

    Planning for security guard expenses

    Security guard expenses should be an integral part of the company’s or individual’s budget realistically. The cost of security personnel needs to be considered during the planning phase of major events like annual general meetings, conferences, or private parties.

    Planning for security guard expenses also helps companies and individuals prepare and allocate the necessary funds for the security budget.

    Need for supervision of security guards

    Although security guards offer protection, they need to be supervised to ensure they are carrying out their assignments effectively. Inadequate supervision could result in unsatisfactory performance, compromising the safety of the premises or people.

    Therefore, companies and individuals will need to invest in supervisors to ensure security personnel are performing their assigned duties efficiently.

    Cost of training security guards

    Security guards need specialized training to perform their job. They need to understand how to operate surveillance cameras, access control systems, and other security equipment. Security personnel also needs to be trained to report and respond to security breaches, fire outbreaks, and other emergencies.

    Training security guards is an investment that companies and individuals need to be ready to make to ensure the safety of their people and premises.

    Drawbacks of relying solely on security guards

    While security guards provide an essential level of protection, relying solely on them could be a mistake. They may not always be effective in all situations, and relying on them completely could be a false sense of security.

    This reliance could quickly lead to complacency and relaxation of other critical security measures. Burglars could take advantage of these loopholes, leading to severe consequences.

    Limitations of physical security measures

    Physical security measures like security cameras, sensors, and access control systems are not always enough to deter determined attackers. In some cases, these systems can be easily bypassed, making them unreliable when it comes to preventing security breaches.

    Therefore, companies and individuals should consider a multifaceted approach to security, which includes a combination of security guards, security equipment, and other security measures.

    In conclusion

    Although security guards can be an essential aspect of protecting people and property, their employment comes with its own set of disadvantages. These include the financial burden, the cost of employing a security guard firm, and the need for supervision and training. Moreover, relying solely on security guards could lead to complacency, and physical security measures could be bypassed, making them a limited solution. Companies and individuals need to consider a comprehensive security approach that combines multiple security measures to ensure adequate protection.