Insider Scoop: Pros and Cons of Interning at KPMG


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I remember the excitement and nerves that coursed through my body as I prepared for my KPMG internship interview. The fear of being rejected, mixed with the thrill of the opportunity, made my heart race with anticipation. I had heard so much about KPMG, the global professional services firm, and I couldn’t wait to get a taste of what it was like to work there.

Now that my KPMG internship is over, I’ve come to realize that there are both pros and cons to interning at this prestigious company. So, if you’re considering applying for an internship, or working for KPMG in the future, keep reading to find out what the insider scoop is on interning at KPMG.

Believe me, the experience is worth more than just a line on your resume. It’s an unforgettable chance to work with some of the industry’s sharpest minds and get a first-hand glimpse into the world of business and accounting. But as with any opportunity, there are both pros and cons to consider before taking the plunge. So, let’s dive in and explore what to expect during your KPMG internship.

Is it good to intern at KPMG?

Interning at KPMG can be a mixed experience. While the company has a nice culture and employs friendly people, there are aspects of the internship that can be challenging. Here are some of the pros and cons of interning at KPMG:


  • Opportunities for learning
  • Interning at KPMG offers a wealth of learning opportunities. You’ll have the chance to work on real projects alongside experienced professionals, gaining valuable skills and experience that can help you in your future career.
  • Nice culture
  • One of the key benefits of interning at KPMG is the company’s nice culture. Employees are generally friendly and supportive, creating a positive work environment that can make the internship experience more enjoyable.
  • Credibility
  • Having KPMG on your resume can be a big plus, as it’s a well-respected company in the industry.


  • Long hours
  • One downside of interning at KPMG is the long hours. You may be expected to work overtime or on weekends, which can make it difficult to maintain a work-life balance.
  • Low pay
  • Considering the volume of work you’ll be doing, the pay for KPMG internships can be quite low. This is something to keep in mind if you’re looking for an internship that pays well.
  • Competitive environment
  • KPMG is a highly competitive environment, and you’ll be working alongside ambitious colleagues who are all looking to succeed. This can be both motivating and stressful, depending on your personality.

    Overall, interning at KPMG can be a good opportunity for those looking to gain experience in the industry. While there are some drawbacks to consider, the learning opportunities and nice culture can make it a worthwhile experience.

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    1. Do your research: Before applying for an internship at KPMG, make sure to do thorough research on the company. This includes understanding their values, mission, and work culture.

    2. Network: Networking is a vital part of any internship. Connect with professionals at KPMG and get to know as many people as possible. Attend industry events, participate in team-building exercises, and explore every opportunity to build a strong network.

    3. Learn new skills: Use your internship at KPMG to learn new skills and expand your knowledge. Take up challenging projects that help you develop your skills and increase your industry expertise.

    4. Ask questions: Never shy away from asking questions. KPMG has a wealth of knowledge to share, and asking questions can help you learn important information about the industry, the company, and the job you are interested in pursuing.

    5. Take the experience seriously: An internship at KPMG can be a valuable experience and should be taken seriously. Use this opportunity to develop your professional skills and make long-lasting connections in the industry.

    The Benefits of an Internship at KPMG

    Interning at KPMG can offer a plethora of benefits to those who are hoping to launch their career within the accounting and finance industry. As a major player in the industry, KPMG offers interns the opportunity to work with some of the most talented professionals in the field, and gain valuable insights into their methodologies and professional practices. These insights can be used to help interns develop their own set of professional skills and strategies that will prove invaluable throughout the rest of their career.

    Another major advantage of interning at KPMG is the company’s reputation. With its long-standing history as one of the “Big Four” accounting and consulting firms, KPMG is one of the most respected and recognized companies in the industry. This recognition can be useful for interns who are hoping to build their professional network or launch their own business in the future. Moreover, with KPMG being such a large company, interns are able to tap into the resources they need to develop their skills and secure a future within the industry.

    An Insightful Look into KPMG’s Company Culture

    One aspect that many interns appreciate about KPMG is the company’s friendly and inclusive culture. Unlike many other top-tier companies, KPMG is known for fostering a sense of teamwork amongst its employees, which can be a vital component for interns to thrive in the company. Furthermore, KPMG cultivates a culture that emphasizes open communication, transparency, and constructive feedback, ensuring that interns receive plenty of guidance and support from the more experienced members of the team.

    Learning Opportunities Available for Interns at KPMG

    Interns at KPMG are offered an extensive array of learning opportunities. These include training courses and programs that cover a diverse range of topics and concepts, as well as regular opportunities to collaborate with other professionals in the industry. Additionally, KPMG is known for its commitment to providing a continuous learning environment, ensuring that its interns are always up-to-date with the latest industry trends and standards.

    Challenges of Working Long Hours as an Intern at KPMG

    While KPMG offers many benefits, it’s worth noting that the company’s internship program is rigorous and requires a significant amount of dedication and hard work. Many interns report working long hours, with a workload that can be quite demanding. This can make it difficult for interns to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which can ultimately lead to burnout or reduced performance.

    The Reality of Low Wages at KPMG for Interns

    Another significant issue for many interns at KPMG is the low wage that is typically associated with an internship at the company. While KPMG does provide many valuable benefits and learning opportunities, the wage that is offered is often not enough to cover basic living expenses. This can make it difficult for interns to stay motivated, as they may feel as though their hard work is not being adequately compensated.

    Tips for Succeeding as an Intern at KPMG

    Despite the challenges that may be associated with interning at KPMG, there are many ways to ensure a successful internship experience. Interns should attempt to create a positive working relationship with their direct supervisor, seek out opportunities for learning and growth, and take advantage of networking opportunities whenever possible. Additionally, fostering a strong work ethic and demonstrating a willingness to take on challenging assignments can help solidify an intern’s position within the company.

    The Long-Term Career Opportunities After an Internship at KPMG

    Ultimately, the benefits of an internship with KPMG can extend far beyond the duration of the internship itself. Many interns who successfully complete their internship are offered long-term career opportunities within the company, which can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career within the industry. Furthermore, the valuable skills that are learned during an internship with KPMG can be utilized throughout the rest of one’s career, regardless of the path that is ultimately chosen.