How Much Do Cyber Security Engineers Make in Raleigh NC?


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Have you ever wondered how much a cyber security engineer makes in Raleigh, North Carolina? As a cyber security expert who has worked in the field for several years, I can tell you that it’s a question that is often asked. The field of cyber security is in high demand and many are curious about the earning potential in this rapidly growing industry.

I still remember the excitement I felt when I first entered the cyber security field. The chance to protect people’s personal and financial information from malicious hackers was a noble calling. But let’s be honest, there is also a practical aspect to any career. When you invest time and energy into a field, you want to know that it will be financially rewarding.

So, how much can one expect to earn as a cyber security engineer in Raleigh, NC? The answer may surprise you. It’s not just about the salary, but also bonuses, benefits, and other perks that make the cyber security industry an exciting and lucrative one to be a part of. Let’s dive into the details and explore what makes cyber security such a sought-after career path in Raleigh.

How much does a cyber security engineer earn in Raleigh NC?

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in cyber security engineering, you may be wondering what the salary expectations are like in Raleigh, NC. At the time of writing, the median Cyber Security Engineer salary in Raleigh, NC is $143,307, which is a promising number. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the range of salaries typically falls between $129,519 to $159,172. Below are some factors that may affect the salary range.

  • Experience: As with most professions, your level of experience will factor into how much you can earn as a cyber security engineer. Those who are just starting out in the field can expect to make less than those who have several years of experience under their belt.
  • Certifications: Obtaining certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) can increase your earning potential as a cyber security engineer.
  • Industry: Cyber security is an important component in many different industries, including healthcare, finance, and government. Salaries may differ between these industries, so it’s important to consider which industry you’re interested in working in.
  • Company size: The size of the company you work for may also affect your earning potential. Larger companies may have larger budgets for cyber security, which could translate to higher salaries for their cyber security engineers.
  • Overall, cyber security engineering is a rewarding and lucrative career path. With proper education, training, and experience, you can expect to earn a competitive salary in Raleigh, NC.

    ???? Pro Tips:

    1. Do your research: Look up job listings and salary ranges for cyber security engineers in Raleigh, NC to get an idea of the average salary range.

    2. Network: Attend cyber security conferences, join local industry groups and connect with professionals in the field to gain insights on salary trends and potential job opportunities.

    3. Consider education and experience: Higher education and specialized certifications can lead to higher salaries, while experience in the field can also play a role in negotiating pay.

    4. Negotiate: Don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary during the hiring process, especially if you have relevant experience and skills.

    5. Keep up with the industry: Staying up to date on the latest cyber security threats and technologies can make you a valuable asset to your employer, which can also lead to increased compensation opportunities.

    Introduction to Cyber Security Engineer Salaries in Raleigh, NC

    Cyber security professionals are sought after in today’s technology-driven world. They are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining secure computing environments for organizations. With the rise in cyber threats, the demand for qualified cyber security engineers is on the rise, and the salaries are quite attractive. In Raleigh, NC, cyber security engineers have a median salary of $143,307, according to recent data. This article explores the factors that influence cyber security engineer salaries in Raleigh, NC, and whether a career in cyber security is worth pursuing in the city.

    Factors that Influence Cyber Security Engineer Salaries

    Several factors contribute to the salary of a cyber security engineer in Raleigh, NC. These include:

    • Experience: Experienced cyber security engineers earn higher salaries than entry-level engineers.
    • Certifications: Certain certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and CompTIA Security+ can increase a cyber security professional’s earning potential.
    • Industry: Industries such as finance and healthcare tend to pay higher salaries than other sectors.
    • Education: A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Cyber Security or related fields can boost earning potential.

    It’s important to note that these factors are not the only ones that influence salaries, and the range can vary based on company size and location.

    Salaries for Entry-level Cyber Security Engineers

    Entry-level cyber security engineers in Raleigh, NC, make an average of $89,000 annually. This number can fluctuate based on factors such as education, certifications, and company size. It’s important to note that entry-level positions may have fewer benefits and less job security than more experienced roles.

    Median Cyber Security Engineer Salary in Raleigh, NC

    At the time of writing, the median cyber security engineer salary in Raleigh, NC, is $143,307. This number is higher than the US national median salary, and it’s influenced by factors such as industry and experience level.

    Salaries for Experienced Cyber Security Engineers

    Experienced cyber security engineers in Raleigh, NC can make significantly more than their entry-level counterparts. Those with more than five years of experience have an average salary of $137,000. Those with 10+ years of experience can earn as much as $180,000.

    Cyber Security Engineer Salaries in Raleigh, NC Compared to Other Cities

    Raleigh, NC, is home to some of today’s fastest-growing companies, making it a great place for technology professionals, including cyber security engineers. Compared to other cities in the US, Raleigh’s cyber security engineer salaries are competitive. For example, in Silicon Valley, the average salary for a cyber security engineer is $142,000, whereas the average salary of a cyber security engineer in Raleigh, NC is $143,307.

    Negotiating Salary as a Cyber Security Engineer

    Negotiating salary as a cyber security engineer can be a challenging task. However, with the right preparation and research, candidates can negotiate a fair salary. One tactic for negotiating a higher salary is to highlight relevant certifications and years of experience. It’s also important to research the company’s salary history and industry standards to ensure that the salary is fair and competitive.

    Conclusion: Is a Career as a Cyber Security Engineer Worth Pursuing in Raleigh, NC?

    In conclusion, cyber security engineering is a lucrative field in Raleigh, NC. The average salary for cyber security engineers in the city is higher than the national median, and there is a high demand for qualified professionals. The city is home to some of the country’s fastest-growing companies, making it an excellent location for technology professionals. While salary is one factor to consider when pursuing a career in cyber security, it’s important to also consider factors such as work-life balance, job security, and career growth opportunities.