How Much Do Boston’s Cyber Security Engineers Earn?


As a cyber security expert living and working in Boston, people often ask me how much money their skills can earn in the field. It’s a valid question and one that deserves a proper evaluation. After all, cyber threats are not going anywhere, and the need for highly trained and proficient engineers is only going to increase as we become even more reliant on technology. Trust me, you don’t want to be left behind when it comes to reaping all the benefits that this field has to offer. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at how much Boston’s cyber security engineers earn.

How much does a cyber security engineer earn in Boston?

According to recent data, a cyber security engineer in Boston can expect to earn a salary within a range of $99,500 to $156,700. While this is a significant range, it is important to note that these numbers reflect the 25th and 75th percentile of salaries in the field. Here are some key points to remember about cyber security engineer salaries in Boston:

  • The 25th percentile salary is $99,500. This means that 25% of cyber security engineers in Boston earn less than this amount.
  • Salaries below the 25th percentile are considered to be on the lower end of the pay scale for this field.
  • The 75th percentile salary is $156,700. This means that 75% of cyber security engineers in Boston earn less than this amount.
  • Salaries above the 75th percentile are considered to be on the higher end of the pay scale for this field.
  • Factors that can affect a cyber security engineer’s salary in Boston include level of education, years of experience, job title, and industry.
  • Overall, cyber security engineering is a rapidly growing profession with high demand. As technology continues to advance, the importance of securing sensitive information will only increase, making this role all the more important. Salaries for cyber security engineers in Boston reflect this demand, with a wide range of salaries available depending on experience and other factors.

    ???? Pro Tips:

    1. Conduct market research: Before settling on a salary range, conduct research to see how much other cyber security engineers are being paid in Boston. This will give you an idea of the average salary and help you negotiate for a fair offer.

    2. Consider industry experience: The amount of experience you have in the cyber security field will affect your salary. Make sure to factor in any additional credentials or certifications you may have when you negotiate your salary.

    3. Company size matters: The size of the company you work for can also affect the salary you receive as a cyber security engineer. Larger companies may have more resources to pay higher salaries, while smaller companies may have less financial leeway.

    4. Location: The location of your employer within Boston can also make a difference in your salary. Cyber security engineers working for companies located downtown or in high-end neighborhoods might be paid more than those working in cheaper areas.

    5. Negotiate effectively: When negotiating your salary, be sure to sell yourself effectively, highlight your strengths, and be prepared to counter any lower-than-expected offers or rejections. Keep in mind that negotiation is a conversation, and it pays to be well-prepared.

    Cyber security engineer salary overview in Boston

    Boston is one of the major cities in the United States with a strong demand for cyber security engineers. With the rise of cyber threats, there is an increasing need for professionals who can protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. According to recent data from, the average base pay for a cyber security engineer in Boston is $118,000 annually. However, the salary ranges from $99,500 at the 25th percentile to $156,700 at the 75th percentile, with salaries below the former considered to be extreme.

    Factors affecting the salary of cyber security engineers in Boston

    Several factors contribute to the salary of a cyber security engineer in Boston. These factors include the experience of the engineer, the specific job role, the education level, and additional certification. The location and type of organization can also affect the salary.

    The job role and the level of expertise required to fill the position highly influence the base pay of a cyber security engineer in Boston. A more senior position will attract a higher salary than an entry-level position. The location also plays a significant role as certain cities and states offer higher salaries due to the high cost of living.

    The importance of experience and certifications for cyber security engineers in Boston

    Experience and relevant certifications are critical for obtaining a high-paying cyber security engineering job in the city of Boston. Most employers prefer candidates who have at least four years of experience in the relevant field and necessary education to perform a job. Additional certifications, such as the Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), can significantly increase the base pay of a cyber security engineer. The more relevant certifications an engineer has, the better the chances of landing a higher paying role.

    Expertise and certification are essential to obtaining high pay in the Boston cyber security industry.

    Understanding the 25th percentile salary of cyber security engineers in Boston ($99,500)

    The 25th percentile salary of a cyber security engineer in Boston is $99,500, and it is the lower end of the salary scale. However, this salary is still significantly above the average salary across all other professions in Boston. Engineers earning at this level may not have much experience, or they may be starting in a relatively junior position with a company.

    Candidates who intend to work in the Boston cyber security industry should expect this salary as the minimum. Although this may vary across different companies, it is important for cyber security engineers to negotiate for better offers when available.

    What are extreme salaries for cyber security engineers in Boston?

    Salaries below the 25th percentile salary are extreme for cyber security engineers in Boston. They could be a sign of an entry-level and junior position with very little experience. Alternatively, they may be jobs that require less experience or lower-level certifications. Regardless of the reason, salaries that are deemed extreme are below the standard for most engineers in Boston.

    The standard salary range for a cyber security engineer in Boston is above $99,500.

    Exploring the 75th percentile salary of cyber security engineers in Boston ($156,700)

    The 75th percentile salary of cyber security engineers in Boston is $156,700, which is significantly higher than the standard salary range for engineers in Boston. This salary is obtained by highly qualified and experienced cyber security engineers. The higher-end salaries also reflect senior-level engineering roles in the cyber industry, where individuals have more responsibilities and business impact.

    Cyber security engineers who intend to earn higher salaries in Boston must have relevant certifications and experience to land senior-level positions in the industry. Exploring more advanced technologies and gaining additional expertise in cloud security, automation, and machine learning can add more value to skills and qualifications and increase the likelihood of landing higher salaries.

    Job outlook and future earning potential for cyber security engineers in Boston

    The future outlook for cyber security engineers in Boston looks robust, with projected job growth expected to be much higher than the national average. Cyber security engineers who are willing to take on senior roles and remain current with technology advances will continue to earn above the salary-range average in the Boston region. There is ample room for advancement and future career growth for cyber security engineers who continue to invest in developing their skills and education.

    In conclusion, the cyber security industry in Boston pays above-average salaries compared to other professions in the region. The 25th percentile salary and the 75th percentile salary provide a good range of what an engineer can expect to earn in Boston. However, the salary ranges can vary significantly based on experience, education, certifications, location, and job role. Finally, engineers who invest in their education, experience, and expertise can expect to reap benefits and earn more in the future.