Does FAU offer a Cyber Security Degree Program?


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I’ve seen the devastating consequences that a single cyber attack can have on a business or organization. In today’s world, where technology and the internet are so pervasive, it’s more important than ever to have trained professionals who can protect against cyber threats. So when I was recently asked if Florida Atlantic University (FAU) offers a cyber security degree program, I was intrigued. As someone who is passionate about promoting cyber security education and training, it’s always exciting to hear about new opportunities for students to learn and grow in this field. In this article, I’ll delve into whether or not FAU offers a cyber security degree program and explore why pursuing a degree in this field can be such a smart move.

Does FAU have a cyber security program?

Yes, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) offers a CyberSecurity Certificate program through its Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This program is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the ever-growing and evolving cyber security industry. Here are some key features of the CyberSecurity Certificate program at FAU:

  • The program is a 12-credit certificate program that provides an option based in Computer Science (CS).
  • The program is designed to help students expand their skills and knowledge in the field of cyber security.
  • The curriculum covers topics such as cryptography, network security, and cyber threats.
  • Upon completion of the program, students will have gained a deeper understanding of cyber security technologies and techniques, which will enable them to better protect sensitive information in various settings.
  • Students who complete the program will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in a range of industries, including financial and healthcare services, government agencies, and law enforcement agencies.
  • Overall, the CyberSecurity Certificate program at FAU is a great option for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of cyber security. This program provides students with the necessary tools and knowledge to help them succeed in this ever-changing and increasingly important industry.

    ???? Pro Tips:

    1. Research the Requirements: Look for the prerequisites for the FAU cyber security program before applying. This will help you ensure that you have the necessary qualifications and prerequisites before applying.

    2. Look at Curriculum: Many universities offer different types of cyber security programs, so it’s important to look at the curriculum offered by FAU’s cyber security program to ensure that it aligns with your goals and interests.

    3. Speak with Admissions: Reach out to admissions staff to learn more about the cyber security program offered at FAU. Understand the admission process, deadlines, and requirements.

    4. Connect with Alumni: Reach out to alumni of the FAU cyber security program to learn more about their experience. This will help you understand what to expect and what opportunities may be available after graduation.

    5. Stay Informed: Follow the latest trends in the cyber security industry to stay informed and up-to-date on the skills and knowledge that FAU graduates are expected to have. Stay ahead by seeking internships, certifications, and additional training opportunities to build a solid foundation for your career in cyber security.


    The 21st century has seen an alarming rise in online criminal activities, including data breaches, online frauds, and identity thefts. Therefore, with the rise of these cybercrimes, the importance of cyber security has become more significant than ever before. As a result, many universities have started offering cyber security programs to meet the continuously growing demand for skilled cyber security professionals. One such university, Florida Atlantic University (FAU), has taken the initiative of providing its students with an excellent cyber security program.

    Overview of FAU’s Cyber Security Program:

    Florida Atlantic University provides an outstanding Cyber Security program that prepares students to meet the demands of the cyber security industry. The program offers a prestigious CyberSecurity Certificate Department, where students can enhance their skills and knowledge about the technicalities of cyber security. The CyberSecurity Certificate Department’s primary objective is to prepare students to tackle the cyber threats in the industry, which are becoming more sophisticated and innovative every day.

    In FAU’s Cyber Security program, students can choose from a wide range of options, including Computer Science (CS), focusing on the latest and most innovative cyber security concepts. The university has been highly regarded for its Cyber Security program, offering thorough and interdisciplinary training in the fundamentals of cyber security.

    CyberSecurity Certificate Department:

    The CyberSecurity Certificate Department at FAU offers students the chance to bolster their Cyber Security skills. The department has become highly attractive to students aiming to improve their Cyber Security knowledge, understanding the severity of cyber threats in today’s society. The Cyber Security Certificate program is designed to provide students with professional training in the latest techniques, technologies, and strategies in Cyber Security.

    The Cyber Security Certificate Department allows students to acquire a wide range of practical knowledge required for Cyber Security, which includes practical training that lets students participate in hands-on challenges and activities. Students also gain essential skills in the areas of network security, threat protection, data confidentiality, and confidentiality and data integrity.

    Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Role:

    The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at FAU plays an essential role in providing students with a comprehensive Cyber Security education that helps prepare them for a future career in the industry. They strive to provide students with a well-rounded education that empowers them with the skills and knowledge required for cyber security.

    The EECS Department at FAU has a faculty that includes distinguished experts who work with students to provide real-world and hands-on experience that prepares them to tackle modern Cyber Security challenges. Throughout the journey of achieving the Cyber Security Certificate, students gain experience in key areas, like digital forensics, secure software development, cryptography, information assurance, and cyber threats detection.

    Details of the Cyber Security Certificate Program:

    The Cyber Security Certificate program offered by FAU is a 12-credit program that provides students with the opportunity to delve deep into the theoretical and practical concepts of Cyber Security. Students are required to complete a minimum of four courses to complete the certificate. They have to choose from the following elective courses:

    • Introduction to Information Security
    • Network Security
    • Cryptography
    • Digital Forensics
    • Secure Software Development
    • Cyber Threats Detection and Defense

    Benefits of Completing the Cyber Security Certificate Program:

    Completing the Cyber Security Certificate program from FAU can provide numerous benefits to students. Graduates will have gained the skills and knowledge that will make them highly competitive in the job market. They will have a deep understanding of critical cyber security concepts like network security, cryptography, and digital forensics.

    Additionally, completing this program will help students to qualify for positions in Cyber Security. Employers enthusiastically seek FAU graduates dealing with Cyber Security matters as they are highly skilled in the field of Cyber Security.


    Florida Atlantic University’s Cyber Security program stands out among other universities for its comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that prepares students for a career in Cyber Security. The CyberSecurity Certificate Department offers courses that provide students with hands-on experience and in-depth experience in the latest Cyber Security technologies and strategies. Graduates of this program can enjoy high demand employment for Cyber Security positions as they possess specialized knowledge and hands-on experience required to address modern Cyber Security problems. So, if you are looking to build a career in Cyber Security, FAU is a place to be.