Did Biden Cancel Student Loans for ITT Tech Grads? Exploring the Truth


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As a cyber security expert who graduated from a reputable university with a mountain of debt, the topic of student loans is close to my heart. Many students who attended ITT Tech were left with high levels of student loan debt and little to show for it after the school was abruptly shut down in 2016. Recently, there have been rumors circulating that President Joe Biden has cancelled student loans for ITT Tech grads. As a concerned citizen and a lover of the truth, I decided to conduct some research to explore the reality of this news. In this article, I will delve into the details of whether Biden actually cancelled student loans for ITT Tech graduates and reveal the truth behind the rumors. So fasten your seatbelts, fellow cyber citizens, because we’re about to embark on a journey to uncover the truth.

Did Biden cancel student loans for ITT Tech?

Yes, it’s true that students who attended ITT Tech and accrued federal student loans were informed by the Biden administration on Tuesday that they would receive an automatic, full forgiveness of $3.9 billion in education debt. This includes those who attended the now-defunct institution between 2006 and 2016, a period during which ITT Tech was accused of engaging in fraudulent recruiting practices and churning out graduates who weren’t adequately prepared for the workforce. Here are some key highlights of this development:

  • The announcement marks an important milestone in the Biden administration’s efforts to provide relief to those impacted by student debt, particularly those who attended for-profit institutions like ITT Tech.
  • This move is expected to benefit nearly 150,000 borrowers, who, up until now, have been struggling to repay their loans, often with dubious job prospects and inadequate training.
  • This decision, according to the Education Department, is part of a broader effort to address “legitimate borrower defense claims” and will help provide much-needed relief to ex-ITT Tech students who have been saddled with significant amounts of debt.
  • The Education Department has said that it will begin notifying eligible borrowers in the coming weeks, who will then have the option to accept the discharge or decline it and continue making payments.
  • This forgiveness will apply to federal loans, including Direct Loans, Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program loans, and Perkins Loans, and private loans are not eligible.
  • In conclusion, this is great news for former students who have been grappling with student debt for years, and it’s commendable that the Biden administration has taken steps to address the issue. Hopefully, this move will bring some much-needed relief to those who have been struggling to make ends meet due to the burden of student loans.

    ???? Pro Tips:

    1. Do your research: Before believing any news or rumors about student loan cancellation, take the time to gather information from reliable sources such as government websites or reputable news outlets.

    2. Understand the eligibility criteria: Even if some student loans are being cancelled, it’s important to know if ITT Tech students fall under the eligibility criteria. Check the details of the announcement to see if you qualify.

    3. Take action and contact your loan servicer: If you believe you qualify for loan cancellation, don’t wait for the process to start automatically. Contact your loan servicer and ask about the steps you need to take.

    4. Be patient: Processing loan cancellations takes time, so be prepared to wait for a while before you see any changes. Keep track of your communications with your servicer and follow up regularly.

    5. Have a backup plan: While student loan cancellation can provide much-needed relief, you should also have a backup plan for managing your finances and repaying any remaining loans. Consider speaking with a financial advisor or creating a budget to manage your expenses.

    Biden Administration’s Announcement on ITT Tech’s Debt Forgiveness

    On Tuesday, the Biden administration delivered good news to the former students of ITT Technical Institute by announcing that it would grant an automatic, full forgiveness of $3.9 billion of education debt. This step is part of President Biden’s agenda to ease the burden of student loan debt in the United States. The ITT Technical Institute is a for-profit educational institution that was shut down in 2016, leaving thousands of students with debts and no degree. The decision to cancel the education debt of the former ITT Tech students is aimed at providing some relief to those affected.

    Full Forgiveness Granted to Former ITT Tech Students

    The forgiveness of the education debt owed by ex-students of ITT Technical Institute is a significant move by the Biden administration. This policy will assist thousands of former ITT Tech students who were burdened with debt due to the educational institution’s sudden closure. The full forgiveness of the education debt will help to alleviate the financial stress and mental anxiety the students had to experience. It will also assist in improving the credit scores of the impacted individuals.

    $3.9 Billion Worth of Education Debt Cancelled

    The student debt of former ITT Tech students that will be forgiven by the Biden administration falls under the category of federal loans. The Department of Education estimated the total cancellation of $3.9 billion owed by around 43,000 ITT Tech students who attended the institution between 2006 and 2016. The student loan forgiveness from ITT Tech comes in addition to other debt relief initiatives announced by the Biden administration, including the extension of the pause on federal student loan payments into January 2022.

    A Lifeline for Ex-ITT Tech Students

    The forgiveness of education debt owed by ITT Tech students is a lifeline for many of the impacted individuals. The student loan debt was a significant burden on their financial wellbeing and impacted their credit scores negatively. With the total forgiveness of the education debt, the former ITT Tech students have a fresh start without the burden of the debt that would have followed them for years.

    The Implication of Biden’s Decision on Student Loans Cancellation

    President Biden’s decision to cancel the education debt of the former ITT Tech students highlights the President’s commitment to easing the burden of student loans in the country. This policy announcement sends a clear message of support to other borrowers burdened by student loan debt. For the first time, the President is showing an intention to address the student loan crisis comprehensively, which is a significant step for the millions of borrowers affected.

    ITT Tech: A Brief Background on Its Closure and the Students Affected

    ITT Technical Institute was once a for-profit educational institution in the United States. The educational institution offered a range of courses, including degrees in the fields of visual communications, information technology, and business. Unfortunately, the college was plagued with allegations of deceptive recruiting practices and misuse of government funding. The barrages of lawsuits, coupled with financial issues, led to the institution’s closure in 2016. The closure left around 43,000 students with high amounts of education debt and no degrees, which negatively impacted their future prospects.

    What Comes Next for Ex-ITT Tech Students After the Debt Forgiveness

    The student loan debt forgiveness for former ITT Tech students announced by the Biden administration provides an opportunity for the impacted individuals to regain their financial footing. While the student loan forgiveness will help with their credit score and provide a fresh start for these students, it is important to note that the debt forgiveness is unlikely to restore their college education. Therefore, those who need further education to progress in their careers need to consider alternative options available. Some of these alternative options include community colleges, online education platforms, or technical programs.

    In conclusion, the student loan forgiveness from ITT Tech is a significant change in policy by the Biden administration that will provide a much-needed relief to thousands of former ITT Tech students who were burdened with significant debt. The initiative makes clear the administration’s commitment to easing the burden of student loans in the country and underscores the President’s intention to solve the student loan crisis fully.